Pick Me Up!: Inspirational Messages to Make You Jump for Joy

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Good news! You’re not broken, and you don’t need to be fixed. You’re okay just the way you are. Find the courage to believe in yourself through these inspirational messages of love and acceptance of self. Author Michelle Mattsen has penned this beautiful and inspiring book – a nice pick me up – to help people who are experiencing self-doubt. Start your journey of self-discovery by reading this little book with a BIG inspirational message today.

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“This book is a great source of encouragement especially for younger people who look forward to their future. Effortless, simple text, and short sentences are easy to comprehend. It would be a great gift to someone, whose future, happiness, and advancement in the career world you care about. I love it, and my niece does too!”

Joanne F, Amazon customer

“I found this book to be a great little read. Offering inspiration about how unique and individual we all are. I would give this as a gift to someone who might be in doubt or needing a shot of inspiration.”

Jose M. Sellers, Alma, MI

“An inspirational read. It is a great book to keep by your bedside when self-doubts creeps into your mind. Reading this book surely helped me believe in myself again.”

Michelle Mattsen

About the Author

Michelle Mattsen holds a B.S. in International Business and is a Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM). She has worked in different managerial positions in both government and corporate levels. Michelle enhanced her experience in managing people by becoming a certified life coach (CEC), and trainer (CET).

These days, Michelle is an author, speaker, and certified Core Passion facilitator. She enjoys biking, walking, flower gardening, reading, and hanging out with friends and family in Minnesota.

Pick Me Up!: Inspirational Messages to Make You Jump for Joy
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The great thing about you is that you are one of a kind. That means there can be no comparison, there is no one to compete with but you. You are in a league all your own.

Sometimes you need to take the leap of faith in order to let your talents shine. The very act of getting out of your comfort zone indicates that you are growing. You’re not only growing but adding to your list of talents. It’s only in taking the leap that you can soar.

We can learn so much from children. When they’re born, they are in sync with their true essence. Maybe deep down we know this to be true because no matter what the sex or health of the child, it is perfect. It’s only when well-meaning adults teach children that they can’t do this or that or can’t become this or that for fear that they or the child may be hurt physically or emotionally if they fail. Eventually the child begins to believe the adults around him and gets further and further away from his core essence. He’s lost touch with who he really is.

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