Love yourself as is.

Youth Today Love Themselves. Is that a problem?

Michelle Mattsen April 26, 2018

Love. What’s Wrong with That?

Absolutely nothing! In fact, I think this generation more than any other has finally come to terms with their true self and begun to publicly display their own love of self. That’s not a bad thing but a good thing.

They likely aren’t even aware of it but with every picture they post of themselves on Face Book, Face Time, Snapchat or through a text they are . . .

The Key to Your Success – Change Your Language

Michelle Mattsen April 24, 2018

Key to Your Success – Change Your Language

Education? It certainly helps but that’s not it.

Connections? Again it helps but that’s not it.

Money? Nope.

It’s the internal conversation you have with yourself that manifests itself through your thoughts, words and ultimately your actions. It’s the conversation you have with the people around you.  What you think, feel, and belie . . .

Living Out Side the Box

Michelle Mattsen April 19, 2018

Living Out Side the Box

I’ve never really like the term “outside the box”.  I didn’t know I was in a box but I guess that’s the point. You don’t’ know you are until you start thinking differently, viewing the same criteria but from another angle.

Now there are ways to get you to think outside the box - by accessing your right brain.  You can do something physical like run, pl . . .

Perfect Imperfections – That’s okay

Michelle Mattsen April 17, 2018

Your Perfect Imperfections

Yes we all have imperfections but it’s all on how you view them. Are they really imperfections or character enhancers?

In the eyes of the divine we are all perfect. It doesn’t matter if we have a nose like Jimmy Durante or the shrill voice sound of Phyllis Diller. We are perfect.

When a baby is born no matter how he turns out we still believe he’s perfect. . . .

Confessions work

Confessions are Good for the Soul.

Michelle Mattsen April 12, 2018

Confessions are Good for the Soul.

You confess all the time to your friends, siblings, parents, coworkers and even strangers.  Any time you do something you feel guilty about or to right a wrong your conscious says “I must tell someone”. It could be that you took some supplies from your work or that you said something bad about someone. For some reason you feel compelled to tell a trusted . . .

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