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What’s the Main Channel of Your River?

Michelle Mattsen August 21, 2018

Channel your talents to their best outlet.

Nature provides the perfect example of how we should be.  For example, a river doesn’t have to work at being a river, it just is. When it comes to an obstacle it doesn’t try to force its way through it.  It finds the path of least resistance and goes around it.

Rivers have a channel in them where the water runs faster than the rest of the rive . . .


Caring – The less sexy sister of love

Michelle Mattsen August 13, 2018

Love equals caring as much as caring equals love

Let’s make a distinction about love. There’s the romantic love that is felt between two people, the love of your children, family and friends. But caring encompasses a broader sense of love in that it’s the love of all that is. It’s the love of life and everything we experience in it.

We show kindness and caring to one another through . . .

True to self

True to You – Top 5 Ways to be True to Yourself

Michelle Mattsen August 6, 2018

The Top 5 Ways to Know You are being True to Your Self

Do you sometimes feel irritable, angry, off, frustrated, agitated or out-of-sorts and have no explanation for it? Perhaps it’s because you’ve lost sight of what makes you come alive and are living someone else’s expectations of you instead of following your own voice.

Don’t compromise yourself. You are all you’ve got

Love yourself as is.

Youth Today Love Themselves. Is that a problem?

Michelle Mattsen April 26, 2018

Love. What’s Wrong with That?

Absolutely nothing! In fact, I think this generation more than any other has finally come to terms with their true self and begun to publicly display their own love of self. That’s not a bad thing but a good thing.

They likely aren’t even aware of it but with every picture they post of themselves on Face Book, Face Time, Snapchat or through a text they are . . .

The Key to Your Success – Change Your Language

Michelle Mattsen April 24, 2018

Key to Your Success – Change Your Language

Education? It certainly helps but that’s not it.

Connections? Again it helps but that’s not it.

Money? Nope.

It’s the internal conversation you have with yourself that manifests itself through your thoughts, words and ultimately your actions. It’s the conversation you have with the people around you.  What you think, feel, and belie . . .

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