To Serve Others. Is that you?

Michelle Mattsen April 3, 2018

To serve others?

“Serving others” seems to be the buzz word lately.

Let’s take a good look at serving. The definition, serve, has several meanings that can pertain to legal, military, slavery, religion or food. But the above phrase requires a different set of definitions to choose from like; to work for, to be a servant, wait on, to supply goods and services, to be of assistance . . .

Excuses. No more,

No more Excuses – Take Responsibility

Michelle Mattsen March 29, 2018

No more excuses. Take responsibility for you life.

Excuses keep you small. They keep you from having a fulfilling life, reaching your goals and ultimately achieving the happiness you so desperately deserve and crave.

Every excuse keeps you from becoming all you can be. It’s fear rearing its ugly head and stopping you in your tracks. It casts self-doubt in your abilities and knowledge. It r . . .

Dogs forgive easliy

We can Learn a Lot from Dogs

Michelle Mattsen March 27, 2018

We can Learn a Lot from Dogs

Bet you didn’t think you could learn anything from a dog but you can, first off, there’s forgiveness.  It doesn’t matter how bad a dog is treated he wants so much to have your acceptance and approval that he’ll come back to you.  He may roll over and submit, rub his nose under your hand as if to say pet me or lick any part of your body like he’s trying t . . .

Fairness is an illusion. Change is growth

Fairness. Who Told You Life was Supposed to be Fair?

Michelle Mattsen March 22, 2018

Fairness. Who Told You Life was Supposed to be Fair?

I don’t ever recall being told that and I don’t know where it came from. Realistically, is it even possible?

It’s not possible and I’ll tell you why. Everyone has their own version of what is fair.  The bulk of society could agree on what is the fair and equitable distribution of wealth, education and taxes but there will ALWAYS b . . .

Mirrors are a reflection of self

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Michelle Mattsen March 20, 2018

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

A mirror reflects you.

What is it that you see?

Do you like what you see?

If you’re unsure on how to answer these questions a good exercise is to take a look at the people you do and don’t like.

First, think of someone you don’t care for. What is it about that person that you don’t like?  Pinpoint exactly what it is. For me there used to be a pers . . .

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