How Do You Stop Bullying?

Michelle Mattsen April 10, 2018

How Do You Stop Bullying?

In every situation there is a cause and effect or action/reaction that takes place.  It’s one of the laws of the universe.  Bullying is no different.  It takes two, the person who is the bully and the receiver of the action.  There are three points that I’d like to address regarding bullying that don’t seem to get much attention either by choice or by lack of knowledge.

1) We have one of the laws of the universe at work here, action/reaction.  One cannot exist without the other one. Take one away and the other ceases to exist, more on that later.

2) For the most part society has been focusing their attention on the bully.  If you know anything about the Law of Attraction, where attention goes energy flows.  Therefore, the very thing that society wants to curb becomes even more pronounced because more people are giving their attention to it.

“We’ve got to do something about this”

“It’s wrong”

“We need to have classes and programs on how to prevent this”

Sound familiar?

No one likes a bully or wants to see someone get bullied.  In truth, a bully is a person who is consumed with fear for whatever reason.  To compensate or hide his insecurity he lashes out at others.  It gives him a false sense of power and gives him attention thereby covering up his true agenda. He may not even realize why he does it.

3) We’re all spiritual beings here on planet earth for our own spiritual growth.  Who’s to say that these two beings weren’t meant to clash for their own growth and that society is in effect hindering that. Perhaps the recipient needs to learn how to stand up for himself.  Ever notice that the person who gets picked on gets picked on by others too.  He has a disposition that is easy pickings for a bully.

Now getting back to the law of action/reaction, if you combine the three areas I mentioned; Law of attraction, Law of Universe and spiritual growth, there is another solution that I believe is the best. If you want to stop bullying teach people to stand up for them self. The class that society should be teaching is on how to stand up for you instead of focusing on bullying.  Remember, where attention goes energy flows.



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