Living Out Side the Box

Michelle Mattsen April 19, 2018

Living Out Side the Box

I’ve never really like the term “outside the box”.  I didn’t know I was in a box but I guess that’s the point. You don’t’ know you are until you start thinking differently, viewing the same criteria but from another angle.

Now there are ways to get you to think outside the box - by accessing your right brain.  You can do something physical like run, pl . . .

Perfect Imperfections – That’s okay

Michelle Mattsen April 17, 2018

Your Perfect Imperfections

Yes we all have imperfections but it’s all on how you view them. Are they really imperfections or character enhancers?

In the eyes of the divine we are all perfect. It doesn’t matter if we have a nose like Jimmy Durante or the shrill voice sound of Phyllis Diller. We are perfect.

When a baby is born no matter how he turns out we still believe he’s perfect. . . .

Confessions work

Confessions are Good for the Soul.

Michelle Mattsen April 12, 2018

Confessions are Good for the Soul.

You confess all the time to your friends, siblings, parents, coworkers and even strangers.  Any time you do something you feel guilty about or to right a wrong your conscious says “I must tell someone”. It could be that you took some supplies from your work or that you said something bad about someone. For some reason you feel compelled to tell a trusted . . .

Bullying. Be a victor or a victim.

How Do You Stop Bullying?

Michelle Mattsen April 10, 2018

How Do You Stop Bullying?

In every situation there is a cause and effect or action/reaction that takes place.  It’s one of the laws of the universe.  Bullying is no different.  It takes two, the person who is the bully and the receiver of the action.  There are three points that I’d like to address regarding bullying that don’t seem to get much attention either by choice or by lack of . . .

100% True Grit, Drive and Determination.

Michelle Mattsen April 5, 2018

What if you gave 100%?

I was reminded lately with the last election the value of 100%.  In some precincts there was 120-140 % voter turnout. Now I’m all for voting but even my 11 year old daughter questioned the numbers, try explaining that to someone who is learning math!

Those numbers basically devalued what 100% actually means. That’s like a teacher saying that the highest grade you . . .

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