Perfect Imperfections – That’s okay

Michelle Mattsen April 17, 2018

Your Perfect Imperfections

Yes we all have imperfections but it’s all on how you view them. Are they really imperfections or character enhancers?

In the eyes of the divine we are all perfect. It doesn’t matter if we have a nose like Jimmy Durante or the shrill voice sound of Phyllis Diller. We are perfect.

When a baby is born no matter how he turns out we still believe he’s perfect. I think it’s because deep down our spiritual side intuitively knows that it is.

I like to describe those physical aspects of a person that don’t meet society’s view of ideal as character enhancers. Come to think of it a lot of us have those. Actually, when I do see someone with the perfect face and body part of me says the person looks nice and the other part thinks it’s boring. Where’s the interesting physical trait that makes that person stand out?

I remember when Jennifer Gray got her nose fixed after the Dirty Dancing movie. No one recognized her. Her nose made her stand out. What a shame! Imperfections could also be those strange character quirks that someone has.  On one hand it drives us crazy and on the other it’s what makes the person stand out. We always remember it about the person. It’s those so-called imperfections that make a person unique and makes them stand out.

Don’t mess with perfection. The divine loves you just the way you are.

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